Welcome to the new Ouija section. In it you will find true stories from cases I have been involved in that involved a Ouija board. Let us take a look at Ouija boards, what they are purported to do, the dangers that may or may not exist and why those of us in this field warn against them. There are other articles on this site about Ouija boards but let me give you a little information about the board. There is really not much to it. You can buy the Parker Brother's version or you can make your own. It is simply a board with letters and numbers on it. It also has the words YES, NO and GOODBYE on it. If I were to make up a board, I would add one other word but we will talk about that later. To get the board to "work", you use a pointer, known as a planchette to spell out words. You can also use a shot glass as a pointer. You ask questions and the board spells out the answers. What could be harmful about that?

The answer to that depends on where those answers come from. Spiritualists will tell you the communication comes from a spirit. Parapsychologists will tell you the answers are coming from the subconscious mind of one or more of the participants. This is called "automatism." Each side will agree on one thing- the board can be dangerous. The spiritualists believe the board opens a door to another realm and once a spirit is invited in, you have problems. To the parapsychologist, information coming from the subconscious mind could be something purposely forgotten and once it is revealed, it can have serious consequences. But it is just a piece of glorified cardboard, right? Whatever the cause of the movement of the planchette, it is the result of the opened consciousness of the individuals. Okay, but what does it mean if the planchette moves on its own? That rules out automatism, right. Well, Not really. The planchette could be moved by telekinesis, the movement of an object by the power of the mind. Have I confused you yet? Perhaps after you have read some of these stories, you will have a new opinion on the subject. What is my take on the subject? I believe both sides are right. The perpetual fence-sitter, that's me. Why do those of us in the field warn against it when so many people use the board and only a small number have a problem?

Simply put, using the Ouija board can cause a host of problems as you will see in the case stories you are about to read. Add to that the fact that in some of the worst hauntings we get involved with, the one common factor is they haunted all used Ouija boards. Did the board cause the haunting? You be the judge.  


A OUIJA STORY               Briana Tapia






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